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Let me introduce you one of my private students Asher. He is a great man with a different artistic skills and big love to KungFu. We were practicing the martial arts with him for only 3 years and I'm very proud that we have some progress here:) He loves what we were doing, and hopefully we will learn much more in the next 3 years :)) He started the martial arts "KungFu" at 69 .o. It was a very difficult routine for him in the beginning. But you know? He is a fighter in his hart and he decide to kick some ass, my ass particularly Private lessons lead to much greater results. Even in this case, it is important to remember that hard work and consistent focus are the keys to success in the martial arts. It is tedious training. . Music credit to Victory - Arr./Mixed Mike B © Template
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Today at 80 I am in better overall shape than most men my age…although most men my age are dead (2016)

Valery Prosvirov & his son, Dmitry Prosvirov will keep me alive, younger and healthier than any medicine I know of.  I first met them when I was 78 with the firm belief that  the best exercise for someone my age was changing channels on my tv.  My posture was terrible, my balance was pathetic and my flexibility was only good in the hand I used for the remote channel changer.

Martial Arts training?  Kung Fu technique? Ancient Chinese breathing exercises?  Weights?  Falling down and getting up exercises?  I had started to fall down without any training before so who needed it. 

Surely you jest!

Yet they were so confident of the value of all of this in every person’s life that they said my first lesson could be “free”.  So who could resist that magic word?  And that is how it began for me.

Today at 80 I am in better overall shape than most men my age…although most men my age are dead.

Decisive, but patient as I am a senior! (2015)
The Golden Dragon has been and is a wonderful experience, physically and mentally. The warmth and gentleness of my host Valery my teacher, a charming gentleman and a terrific teacher.